Yoga Tips for Novices and Beginners


Yoga is, by far, one of the best and most relaxing forms of exercise imaginable. While yoga isn’t for everyone, almost everyone who tries it finds it helpful and beneficial. However, not everyone is a yoga master. In fact, no one starts out mastering the moves and poses; we are all newbies at some point. If you’re considering taking up the practice of yoga, you’ll need to know a few things first. You might think that it looks simple and you’ll pick it up right away, but chances are you will find it much more difficult than you imagined. It often takes time to master the poses and become comfortable holding them for any length of time. These tips can help make your entrance into yoga a little less daunting.

Be Realistic

You’re not going to be able to do every pose immediately and you will wake up the following day a bit sore. Your muscles simply haven’t worked as hard as they will with many yoga poses, and it takes a little practice and a little patience. Understand this before you attend your first yoga class and you’ll leave feeling a little less defeated.

Attend a Class

Even if you’re not capable of doing every pose right off the bat, attend a yoga class where you can try to learn the poses the correct way. You can watch and observe if you’re not able to do something or if you simply want to ensure that you know the correct technique before you throw out your back or pull a muscle trying incorrectly. Classes – especially those for beginners – can help you feel less intimidated and more professional.

Talk to a Yoga Teacher

You can stay after class to talk to your teacher about a little help with certain poses or just about your desires or worries. He or she can help show you the correct way to make poses work as well as offer you advice on what you should practice and how long it might take you to master certain moves.

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