Break The Weight Loss Plateau And Keep Your Weight Going Down

Sometimes when you are losing weight you will hit what is called a weight loss plateau.  A weight loss plateau is when you get to a certain point in your weight loss and everything seems to come to a standstill.  You aren’t gaining but you aren’t losing any more despite the fact that you are doing the same things you have been doing all along to achieve your weight loss.
If you hit a weight loss plateau, the first thing you should do is take a good look at your diet and see if you are truly measuring and counting everything correctly.  It is easy to think you have had a serving of cereal when you have actually had two.  You may be eating more than you think you are.
How is your sodium intake?  Sometimes you aren’t struggling with weight as much as you are bloating.  Try eliminating or cutting down on the amount of sodium in your diet and up the amount of water you are drinking to around 8-10 glasses per day and see if it makes a difference.
Also, think about your exercise routine.  If you have been doing the same exercises for weeks or months then sometimes changing it up can help get you started again.  If you are doing a lot of strength training exercises such as Pilates or yoga then maybe you should try to add in some cardio a few days a week.  Maybe instead of taking a walk after dinner each day, try a zumba or spinning class in place of it.  Challenge yourself to add in some extra time to your work out.
The main thing is you don’t want to give up when you hit a weight loss plateau.  If you continue doing the right things then the weight will eventually come off like it was before.


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