Ward Off A Snack Craving By Trying One Of These Strategies

When a snack craving hits it is hard to think of anything else except that food you want.  But there are ways that you can avoid giving in so that you don’t ruin your diet.  After all, when you have worked so hard to stay on track to eat right and work out you don’t want to lose that.

When a snack craving hits, ask yourself if you are really hungry or just craving the food.  If you are really, truly hungry allow yourself to have a healthy snack.  A handful of nuts or a piece of fruit to tide you over until your next meal.

Sometimes we think we are hungry when we really aren’t though.  Sometimes what our body really needs is fluids and we confuse thirst with hunger.  Ask yourself how much water you have drunk that day.  If you are lagging behind in your fluid intake, try having a glass of water before you decide it is hunger.

Sometimes you can distract yourself when a snack craving hits.  Get up and go for a walk, call a friend, start cleaning out a closet.  Do whatever you need to do to get your mind off of the food that is causing the snack craving.

When fighting off a snack craving, tell yourself how long it is until  your next meal or how long it has been since your last one.  If you have eaten in the last hour or so you know you don’t need food.  If your next meal is relatively soon, tell yourself that the meal will taste much better if you don’t ruin it by giving in to your snack craving.

If these strategies don’t work and the food is still on your mind then give in and have that chocolate cake or slice of pizza.  But use moderation and portion control to keep yourself on track.



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