Think Yourself Thin in Three Easy Steps


If only you could think yourself thin. It would make the world a much happier, thinner, more gorgeous place. Fortunately, you can think yourself thin. No, it’s not as easy as thinking, “I’d love to be thin,” and watching your frame shrink. It’s thinking yourself thin to an extent. If you can change your thoughts and refocus your energy, you can actually increase your chances of losing weight. It’s not that difficult.

Out of Sight

You can think yourself thin by thinking about cleaning out your kitchen. Once you think this through, you’ll become thinner. How? By getting up and removing all the soda, chips, junk food and other unhealthy items from your fridge and pantry. When you don’t have junk food and unhealthy stuff in your kitchen, you can’t even think about eating it because it’s not there.

Trick Yourself

You can think yourself thin by tricking your mind into thinking you’re eating a lot, when in fact you are eating less than normal. All you need is a smaller plate. By using a small plate at each meal, you’ll trick your mind into thinking you are eating entirely too much because your plate looks so overly full. In fact, it’s just a smaller plate making your food look much larger.

Walk and Drink Water

When you think you’re hungry, take a walk. If you are still hungry when you return, then eat. However, your chances of actually being hungry when you return are slim. Most people are either thirsty or bored and they mistake this feeling for that of hunger. Try drinking water throughout the day in between meals to keep you feeling full. When you’re hydrated, you’re not going to feel hungry. If you’re still feeling hungry but you aren’t sure you really are, take a 20 minute walk. Even if you are actually hungry, you’ll have gotten some exercise, too.

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