The Best Way to Lose Weight is to Keep it Off Forever, But How?

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Everyone wants to be fit, trim and good-looking, but a great body isn’t that easy for everyone to obtain. Sure, you know how to do it, but do you know how to keep it off? The problem for so many people is that they diet and they work to lose the weight, but they struggle to keep it off. It’s a common problem nearly everyone in the world faces; losing weight and keeping it off. So, how do you do that? The answer is simple; take our sage advice and keep the weight off for good.

Skip Fad Diets

The worst thing you can do if you want to keep the weight off is fad diet. These are diets that are impossible to live with forever. Sure, you can lose 10 pounds on a juice cleanse, but you’re going to put it right back on. You can’t live on juice forever, so skip this diet. Fad diets work for the short-term, but they will not keep the weight off for good.

Change Your Lifestyle

The best way to keep the weight off for good is simply to change your lifestyle. If you change the unhealthy habits in your life, you will benefit from it. Lifestyle changes are forever, so they’ll help keep the weight off. For example, don’t say you won’t drink any wine until you lose 10 pounds and then drink it regularly again. Either limit it to a manageable amount (such as a glass twice a week) or stop all together – and don’t go back to it.


You can lose weight without exercising, but it’s really hard to keep it off without exercising. You have to exercise to speed up your metabolism and burn calories, so do it. It’s not like you have to join the gym. You need only take a walk, or go to the pool and swim some laps. You can even take your kids outside and play ball – just get active.

Eat Well

You don’t have to skip the good stuff, just learn to eat in moderation and replace the vast majority of unhealthy items in your life with healthier items. It’s, by far, the best way to lose weight when you are in the mood. It’s also the best way to keep it off.

Don’t Set Yourself Up for Failure

I’m never eating cake or cookies again. Liar. You might do a great job for a few weeks or a few months, but then Christmas arrives and you can’t stop yourself. You are never going to keep the weight off if you set yourself up for failure from the start. Don’t do it. Don’t starve yourself or deprive yourself of the things you enjoy. Indulge – in limited quantities. If you give yourself what you want in moderation, you won’t be so tempted to overdo it. In fact, you might find that you don’t want it as much in the long run.

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