Stretch Marks Can Be Rough but Help is on the Way

stretch marks

Stretch marks are every woman’s worst nightmare. Unfortunately, they happen to many women. You might be one of the unlucky women who experience these awful marks when you become pregnant, and you might wonder how to get rid of them so that you get your body back to the way it was pre-pregnancy.

Hyaluronic Acid

This is an ingredient in many body gels, and it’s great for getting rid of stretch marks. Technically, it’s great for fading stretch marks. This can help you when your stretch marks are in the red phase, when they first begin to appear. Once they’re dark and set it, it can be difficult to fade them .Using this gel, however, can help to fade them every day during a 12 week time frame.


You will need to see your dermatologist for this to work. You need a prescription for retinoid cream, but it’s been shown to drastically reduce the appearance of stretch marks when used regularly. This is another option to help you rid your body of these unsightly lines. You cannot use this while you are nursing, however.

Laser Treatment

When you see your doctor, he or she can recommend laser treatment to plump up your skin and reduce the appearance of stretch marks. It’s a relatively simple procedure, but it does take a few different appointments and it is a bit costly. And no, insurance does not typically cover this.


This is a much gentler process that can help you renew skin and lighten the appearance of stretch marks. It’s not the most effective way to rid your body of stretch marks, but if they’re light in the first place, it’s a good option for you.


Cocoa butter is not going to reduce the appearance of stretch marks, but some women swear by the fact that it helps to deter them in the first place. It’s an alleged preventative measure you can try. It’s not a bad idea to moisturize anyway, so this may or may not be effective, but it’s worthwhile.

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