Snack Substitutions: You Can Curb Those Common Food Cravings

Snack substitutions can save the day when you are craving something salty or sweet or a nice warm beverage.  They can keep you from blowing your diet and still allow you to indulge in a little treat now and then.

If you are craving something salty, don’t go for the bag of chips.  Try some snack substitutions with a lower calorie count such as pretzels or popcorn without butter.  You can even jazz up your popcorn with some flavorful toppings such as salt, pepper, parmesan cheese or chili powder.  People like their popcorn with a variety of different seasonings on it.  Keep experimenting until you find the combination that you like best.

For me, sweets is the hardest craving to overcome.  With some careful snack substitutions, I can still have something sweet without blowing an enormous amount of calories in a day.  Fiber one has some great little sweet treats.  They have several varieties of granola bars.  They also have brownies, chocolate chip cookies, lemon bars and even a cinnamon coffee cake treat.  With the exception of the granola bars, the others are all only 90 calories.  It is a treat you can indulge in without blowing your diet.

Sometimes, especially in the fall and winter months, there is just nothing that will do except for a hot beverage.  Although Starbucks has some wonderfully delightful treats, they also have some that will knock your calorie count through the roof.  You can order a skinny version of your coffee treat and cut your calories drastically and other coffee shops offer low calorie options, too.  Perhaps the best solution is to make a nice cup of hot tea and add a packet of Splenda.

When you make careful snack substitutions, there is no reason to feel guilt later.  You know you have made a good choice and one that is good for your body.


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