The Keys To Making Good Food Choices At A Restaurant

Making good food choices at a restaurant is difficult but it is not impossible.  You may want to make good food choices at a restaurant because you are watching your weight or simply trying to eat healthier.  Let me help you a little by giving you some pointers to use when you dine out.  Once you have the knowledge, then it won’t be nearly as impossible to make good food choices at a restaurant.

Start by passing on the bread basket.  Bread has a lot of calories in it as well as carbs.  It is also usually made from white flour which does not add a lot of nutritional value to it.  If it is whole wheat or rye bread, go ahead and indulge.  The calorie count is usually lower and the health benefits are higher.

When you order from the menu, look for choices that use the words light, grilled or baked in them in order to make good food choices at a restaurant.  A selection with baked tilapia is going to be a lot healthier and more diet friendly than a selection of fried catfish.  Pass on fries and go for a side of green vegetables.

Salads are a choice that are generally one of the good food choices at a restaurant but you have to be careful with them.  Opt for grilled meat on your salad instead of breaded and crispy meats.  You also might want to order your cheese on the side as well as your dressing in order to shave some calories off of this choice.

It is also wise to pass on sodas and order water or unsweetened tea as your beverage to shave off calories.  Skipping desserts helps, also.

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