Make Time For Exercise In Your Busy Life

Let’s just face it.  It is difficult to make time for exercise with all that life throws at us.  There is work, family, our homes, our marriage and a variety of other commitments that clamor for our time and attention.  It is difficult to make time for exercise in the midst of all of the things you have on your plate.

Yet it is very important that you do.  You cannot be your best self if you do not make time for exercise.  When you exercise, you feel better.  You will have more energy and be healthier.  And while we all know that, it does not make it easier to make time for exercise.  It offers you an incentive but not an empty space in your schedule.

So how can you find time to exercise in your busy life?  You just have to make time.  You have to push it to the top of your priority list.  It means that you have to learn to let other things go.  When I began exercising regularly two years ago, I had to learn to exercise while ignoring dishes, laundry and a multitude of other things.  And generally, I can fit those things in, too but exercise takes the top spot on my list.  I am my best self when I make time for exercise.

Here are a few little examples of how you can fit exercise in.  You can try to fit a walk in during your lunch break at work or while your children are at a practice for an extra-curricular event.  You could wear a pedometer throughout the day to record your steps and up it a bit each day until you reach your goal number of steps.  Try scheduling an exercise class around your weekly errands.

For more help on how to fit exercise into your schedule, you may enjoy this article by Fitness Magazine.

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