Handle Situations That Can Sabotage Your Weight Loss Efforts

Weight loss is a difficult goal to achieve and after all of your hard work losing the weight you want to keep it off.  There are situations that can completely sabotage your weight loss efforts if you are not careful.  The good thing is that there are ways to handle those tricky situations without losing control of all of your weight loss efforts.

Situation one might be that you have gone out to dinner with a group of friends or coworkers.  Once you get there and everyone is placing their orders you feel like maybe you should give in and get a pasta dish or bacon burger as well.  The solution for this situation is to make a decision on what you will order before you arrive so that there is no room to even consider another choice.

Another situation that often comes into play is the office candy dish.  It is so easy to nibble away hundreds of calories.  The solution for this situation is to have your own candy dish filled with low-calorie candy.  Sugar free treats would be a good option.  From there on out you only get candy out of your dish.  Once your coworkers have observed that you have your own candy they will probably help you stay on board by reminding you to eat your own.

Another situation might have you finding candy bars or another tempting treat on  sale at the store.  When this happens you should remind yourself that you might save a few cents now but you would have spent more later on bigger clothes if you gain weight.

Lastly, you may encounter holiday parties or other get together such as a summer barbecue where there are tempting treats.  You can be prepared by bringing your own dish that is helpful toward your weight loss goals.

There are ways to handle every situation that might sabotage your weight loss goals if you put some thought into it.





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