Halloween Treats That Won’t Blow Your Diet

It can be very difficult to stay faithful to your diet when there are Halloween treats everywhere.   You are trying to watch your weight but the temptation to give in to your favorite candy or treat is overwhelming.

The truth is that you don’t have to bypass every treat.  It is okay to indulge a little if you are selective in what you indulge in.  You can have Halloween treats but it is important to choose them wisely.  Let’s talk about some Halloween treats that you can enjoy without feeling guilty later.

Caramel apples and candied apples are a great choice when you are searching for a Halloween treat that offers you all the gooey goodness without many calories.  You can even purchase fat free caramel now.  And if you are making them yourself, you can coat the apples with a thin coat instead of an overly huge one.  Popcorn balls are much lower in calories than some other Halloween treats.  They also have some healthy benefits like caramel and candied apples do, too.  If hot cocoa is your downfall, try a fat free or sugar free version that you make at home.  Sometimes, I even use the full sugared kind but I only use half a packet.  I really cannot tell that much difference.

There are times, though, that you just want a pre-packaged Halloween treat like what you are handing out to treaters.  One little tip is to only purchase candy that is low calorie and low fat to hand out.  Think in terms of taffy and chewy candy.  They are usually easier on your diet than chocolate, creamy candy.  Some good choices are suckers, tootsie rolls and bubble gum.  If you can have a treat without totally giving in and blowing your diet, the little fun size candy bars are the way to go.

For a little more help dealing with this subject, this article on the subject of not blowing your diet at Halloween by Weight Watchers may be very helpful.


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