Five of the Most Important Rules of Gym Etiquette

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If you don’t know there is something called ‘gym etiquette,’ you’re probably breaking all the rules and making people kind of sort of (definitely) hate you. There is such thing as etiquette in all aspects of life, and the gym is no exception. Perhaps you feel that because you’re sweaty, dirty and not overly dressed that you can behave anyway you want at the gym. Maybe you’ve watched too many chick flicks and you believe that the gym is a place to troll for women. Maybe no one taught you any better and you might want to check your rules of etiquette in other areas of your life as well as at the gym. Whatever the reason you aren’t certain about gym etiquette, let us help you learn how you should and should not behave when you’re working out. It’s going to make you a lot less irritating when you’re working out.

Respect Headphones

If someone is wearing headphones in the gym, it means leave them alone. You can’t talk to that person. This means, “I’m working out and not interested in talking to you, so go away,” and it will do you wonders to remember that.

Be Quiet

Don’t make creepy noises or speak loudly or try to talk to everyone in your path. This is not social hour. If you want to socialize with people, go to happy hour; not the gym.

Clean Off the Machines

You’re sweaty and gross and dirty and covered in germs, so do everyone in the gym a big favor and wipe down the machines after you use them. You don’t want anyone else’s germs all over you, do you? The answer is no, so return the favor, please.


Don’t hog the machines. Use them wisely and then get off. If you want to spend two hours on a treadmill and there are 10 others available, fine. But if they’re busy and you are taking up too much time, people will start to hate you.

Dress the Part

Don’t let it all hang out. It doesn’t matter what size you are. No one wants to see your body parts and bits and pieces all over the place, whether they are in need of a work out or everything you have is tight, taut and in shape. Dress comfortably and appropriately, and remember this is not the beach.

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