Five Dangerous CorePower Yoga Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make


CorePower Yoga is unlike traditional yoga in so many ways. The classes are designed to pep you up and make you feel the beat rather than to relax you and make you feel at one with your mind and body. The purpose behind CoreYoga is to get you moving. The purpose behind traditional yoga is to foster peace and quiet along with healthy exercise. Both are beneficial to your health, and both will make you feel as if you’ve had an intense workout. However, CorePower Yoga comes with a number of different dangers – as does any type of exercise.

The combination of strength and movement that CorePower Yoga classes offer members is intense. The common denominator is that you still practice traditional yoga poses, but you do it to a beat. You move between movements and rest is simply for the weary. CorePower Yoga might sound like something that’s for the yoga pro, but most studios offer a class for beginners that combines movement and strength exercises designed to help you lose weight, tone your muscles and relieve your stress. It’s a win-win situation for all involved. However, you have to be very aware of the dangerous mistakes you can make when practicing CorePower Yoga.

Not Consulting With Your Doctor

The most dangerous CorePower Yoga mistake anyone can make is not consulting with their doctor prior to practicing. CorePower Yoga tends to include everything from traditional yoga to hot yoga (Bikram) and there are some serious health concerns for people who suffer certain medical issues. It’s absolutely imperative – a point that cannot be stressed enough – that you speak with your healthcare professional prior to enrolling in a class.

Not Hydrating

It might not sound like a big deal to some. After all, you can always drink a big glass of water when you get home tonight, right? Wrong. Especially if you’re working out in a hot yoga class; you’d be surprised how quickly your body loses its hydration and causes health problems. It’s imperative that you drink plenty of water before, during and after any yoga class.

Practicing While Pregnant

It’s true that women who are expecting a new baby can practice yoga, but it’s a specialized form of yoga that only allows for certain poses. The dangers associated with practicing yoga while pregnant are very real if you’re not taking a specialized prenatal class. The many different poses can cause harm to an unborn fetus, and it’s not worth the risk.

Continuing When You Don’t Feel Well

Some people will exercise when they’re sick simply because they don’t want to get out of practice. However, and this is especially important when practicing the Bikram yoga portion of CorePower Yoga, it’s a terrible idea. If you feel nauseated or sick, you must exit the room immediately or you could suffer serious health complications.

Practicing Daily

You might think that practicing yoga every day is going to make you stronger and healthier, but it’s the kind of exercise that requires a bit of a break. Every other day is a healthier option, but that doesn’t mean you have to skip working out. You can swim, run or bike or do something else that’s very cardiovascular on your off-yoga days to maintain good health.

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