Why You Should Exercise In The Early Morning Hours

Exercise is good for you at any time of day but exercising in the morning has some added benefits to it.  When you choose to exercise in the morning, you can mark that off of your list for the day.  We all know that exercise is something that we tend to not do if we put it off too long.  We think that we will do it later then the day takes over and we haven’t got our workout in.  If you do it first thing in the morning then that is something you don’t have to worry about happening to you.  Also, you are going to feel more productive for having got your workout in.

Exercise also wakes you up.  If you are not naturally a morning person, exercising in the morning can be a great help to you when you are trying to get motivated and moving.  You would think that exercise would deplete your energy but it actually does the opposite; it energizes you for the tasks ahead.  You will find that you get more done in a day when you start it out by putting some time in with exercise.  Instead of feeling like you took time out to do something for yourself, you are going to feel like you are gaining time because you are accomplishing more.

Exercise also releases a lot of feel good endorphins that will help to boost your mood all day long.  Don’t waste those endorphins by exercising right before bed; exercise in the morning so that you will be happy all of the day long.  Exercise is so effective at boosting moods that often doctors prescribe it for patients battling depression and while it helps to make you a happier person at any time of day, morning is the choice time slot for it.

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