Exercise You Get Daily Without Even Knowing

Now that February has arrived, many of us are feeling a bit down that we’ve already failed to live up to our New Year Resolutions; especially those that include exercise and health. It happens; we fail. Time gets in the way and the convenience of things that aren’t so good for us really get in the way. However, if one of your resolutions was to exercise more and increase your good health, this might perk you up. Even if you haven’t followed your exercise goal of going to the gym four days a week or working out an hour a day, you might still be exercising more than you think. Here are three things you regularly do that count as exercise.

Cleaning House

How tired are you when you finish vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, putting away dishes and taking care of the laundry? Exhausted, I know, because I do it, too. The good news is that not only does your house now look fabulous, you just worked your body. Cleaning is exercise. You burn a lot of calories and work muscles you don’t always work when you take time to clean your house well.


If you’re like me, you spend a great deal of time shopping. Whether it’s for groceries while the kids are at school and you have a few hours to get everything done before they need to be picked up or it’s something leisurely that’s just for you, you do a lot of walking when you shop. Walking is exercise that burns calories and works your muscles.

Everything Else You Do

If you have kids, getting them ready for school is exercise all on its own. If you have a dog that needs walking, you’re exercising. If you have a car that needs cleaning, it’s exercise. If you have errands you have to run, you’re exercising. Just about anything you do during the day that gets you up and moving is considered good exercise.

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