Eliminate Excess Unwanted Calories Everyday


Unwanted calories are everywhere, every day. They’re in the breakfast sandwich you picked up on your way to the office. They’re in your cup if you’re not drinking water. They’re everywhere. While they may not bother you on a daily basis, they will begin to bother you when swimsuit season approaches and you’re not feeling like the most gorgeous and fit version of yourself. Here are a three quick ways to avoid extra calories each day.

Drink Water

Skip anything that isn’t water throughout the day. I know it doesn’t sound like a lot of fun to miss out on that glass of red wine with dinner, but empty calories don’t fill anything but your waistline. This means learning to say no to things such as fruit drinks, juice, coffee beverages with extra stuff in them and pretty much everything else. The good news is that black coffee has virtually no calories in it. It’s the sugar and creamer you add to it that makes it caloric and unhealthy.

Use Small Plates

Get rid of your large dinner plates; you don’t need them. They’re too big. You should eat off the smaller plates that came with your dinner place settings. The smaller plate will look fuller with less food on it, tricking your brain and stomach into thinking you are fuller sooner. The bigger your plate, the more likely you are to overfill it with unhealthy items that simply do not need to be consumed.

Skip the Bag

Chips, crackers, and other snack foods come in a bag. Do not eat out of the bag. Do not fall into the, “I will just have a few” or “I don’t want to dirty a dish,” trap. Use a plate and limit yourself to one helping. The more you eat out of the bag, the more you eat.

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