I Am Sharing The Simplest, Easiest Weight Loss Strategy Ever

I am going to share with you the easiest, most simply put weight loss strategy ever.  This was shared with me by my doctor and I have found it to be tried and true.  It works better than counting calories, Weight Watchers or any other program that I know of.  That is because it is not a program.  It is a simple piece of advice that if you follow, will work.  Are you ready?  Eat less, move more.  Four little words.  But you know what?  They work.

I asked my doctor for advice in losing some weight I had gained due to a medication she prescribed.  I was frustrated because it just wasn’t seeming to want to budge.  I expected her to impart some great words of wisdom to me and was really surprised when she shared this very simple weight loss strategy with me.  But you know what?  If you follow this weight loss strategy, you really will lose weight.

Really, if you think about it, most weight loss programs are actually a more complicated formula of this strategy.  Counting calories is.  The weight watchers program is.  Many programs are.  This is the baseline, the simple way to lose weight.  Begin moving more by adding in exercise to your daily routine or upping it a little if it isn’t giving you the boost you feel you need.  Cut your daily food intake, but never below 1,200 calories without your doctor’s approval.  If you will do those two things; if you will follow this weight loss strategy, you will see the weight fall off.

This weight loss strategy is also a good mantra.  When I feel like some of that weight might be creeping back on, I repeat those four little words to myself and make a decision to eat less and move more.  I find that it works for me, every time.

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