You Don’t Have To Blow Your Diet At A Cookout: Help Is Here

Summer cookouts can be a lot of fun but not if you are spending all that time worrying you will blow your diet.  You don’t have to worry about that any more because with these strategies, that is no longer something that you have to be concerned over.  You can go to a cookout and enjoy yourself without worrying about any weight gain that may result from it.

The trick to making sure you don’t blow your diet at a summer cookout is to be prepared ahead of time.  This means that you find out what the hostess is serving and bring dishes that you know will help you to not blow your diet.  Choose from the lightest choices when you are at the cookout.  This means choosing grilled chicken or fish over hamburgers and hot dogs and grilled corn on the cob over all of the creamy salads that are loaded with calories and fat.

It is simply a matter of making smart choices.  Choose to pass on the potato chips and opt for a selection of fruits and vegetables for appetizers.  It is best to avoid the dessert table all together if you can.  If you simply cannot resist the temptation, choose one dessert to enjoy and stick with that.  Try to go for the lighter versions of dessert if possible such as jello or fruit salad.

Bypass the sodas and alcoholic drinks and stick to water.  It is hot and your body needs the extra hydration, anyways.  Unsweetened tea is another option that you can enjoy.

It is possible to attend a cookout and not blow your diet with careful thought and preparation ahead of time.  Another tip to use is to focus on enjoying your time with the people at the cookout instead of focusing solely on food.

Image Credit: CBS New York


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