A Few Different Master Cleanse Recipes to Consider


If you’re looking to lose weight quickly, your doctor is probably going to have a heart attack. It’s a much better idea to simply lose weight by making healthy lifestyle decisions such as consuming a healthy diet and exercising daily. However, if you’re looking to lose as much as 20 pounds in 10 days, the master cleanse is for you. Beyonce used this diet before a movie role several years back, dropping 20 pounds in a week. Here are a few recipes you can incorporate into your master cleanse.

One Serving

You’ll start with one half of a lemon or 2 tablespoons of lemon juice. You will also need 2 tablespoons of pure maple syrup (Grade B), a dash of cayenne pepper and 8 oz of water. This makes one serving of the master cleanse lemonade diet. You can use this recipe to drink one drink per day, making it several times throughout the day as you see fit.

Multiple Servings

Sometimes it’s easier to make one big serving of the master cleanse juice to drink all day than it is to make just one at a time. It’s less time consuming. For this, you’ll simply need to make the previous recipe a little bigger. A full day’s recipe will consist of 4 lemons, 8 to 16 tablespoons of maple syrup, (one tablespoon per glass is recommended for weight loss) and 2 teaspoons of cayenne pepper as well as two liters. Mix it all together and use it throughout the day.

Alternative Recipe

Some people think that the recipe above is a bit too strong, so they prefer a bit of a watered down version of the master cleanse. This recipe involves all of the same ingredients listed in the one-serving recipe, with the exception of the water measurement. In lieu of 8 ounces of water, you will use 10 ounces of water to create this concoction.

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