Tips To Help You Deal With Late Day Hunger

Late day hunger can be a real drag to deal with.  You have been careful watching what you ate all day long and then suddenly late night hunger strikes and you find yourself famished and ready to blow your calories for the day.  What can you do to deal with late day hunger so that it doesn’t sabotage your diet?

Start your day off right by eating breakfast.  Breakfast has long been said to be the most important meal of the day and there is a reason for that.  When you eat breakfast then your body will not be trying to make up for that calorie deprivation later in the day.

When late night hunger strikes, see if you can drink a glass of water to abate it.  Many times we mistake our thirst for hunger and reach for a cookie when we should really be reaching for a glass of water.

Not allowing yourself any snacks is not any fun and it isn’t very smart, either.  When you don’t allow yourself a snack, you are setting yourself up for failure.  Realize that there are times when your body really needs a snack.  The trick is, when you do snack, snack smart.  Choose a healthy snack such as cup of greek yogurt, a handful of pretzels or fresh fruit.  All of these choices will not do damage to your diet and will hit the spot that is crying out for a snack.

When you decide that you have had your last meal or snack of the day, brush you teeth.  This is a mental signal to your brain that says that you are finished eating for the day.  Also the taste of minty toothpaste in your mouth can stave off late day hunger.

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