Don’t Let A Day Of Bad Food Choices Get You Down

A day of bad food choices can really feel like it sets you back, but does it really?  The truth is that none of us are perfect and none of us are going to eat perfectly all the time, or at least a very, very few percentage of people.  And I will freely tell you that I am not in that few percentage.  So what should you do when you look back over your day and see that you have made the wrong food choices or maybe just ate too much altogether?

Move on.  It is that simple.  Spending time thinking about how you made some bad food choices is not going to do anything but make you feel worse about it.  It could even make you feel so badly that you turn to food to make you feel better which is only in turn going to make you feel bad again.  So, accept that you did not make the best food choices that day and resolve that tomorrow will be a day free of bad food choices.

Another thing that you can do to make up for a day of bad food choices is to put a good workout in.  It doesn’t have to be a punishing workout but one that will give you a high calorie burn can help to equal out the bad food choices that you have made.  Having a forgiving attitude with yourself is actually a very healthy thing to do.  It will also help you to make better choices the next time.

You are better off focusing on how you are going to do better tomorrow, or even at your next meal, than wasting time regretting the bad food choices that you have made.

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