The Best Exercises for Love Handles


Love handles might seem like a cute name, but they’re the bane of most women’s (and men’s) existence. This extra skin makes so many people so unhappy, yet it’s some of the most difficult fat to actually banish. This belly fat makes women feel self-conscious about their bodies, which is never good for confidence. These five exercises target this fat and help to rid it for good.

Russian Twist

To do this exercise, sit down on the floor. Bend your knees and flatten your feet in front of you. Keep your back strong and straight while leaning slightly backward and stretch your arms in front of you while twisting from side to side, tapping the floor to the side of your hips on each side. You can increase the intensity by lifting your feet slightly off the floor.

Side Plank

Get down on the floor and turn your body to the side. Place either your hand or your elbow on the ground and lift your body in the air while keeping leaving your hand or elbow and your one foot on the floor. Lift up and sink down for a full rep.


You’ll need a pair of hand weights. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and bend your knees so that you’re almost in a squat position. Next, bring your arms out in front of you while lifting your weights and continue to bring them in and push them back out.

Elevated Plank

This exercise involves finding an elevated surface. Get into plank position on a bench or other elevated item and hold your position. Ideally, this is something you should hold for two to five minutes several times a day in the middle of your exercise session. It will help to build the muscles in your stomach and reduce the appearance of love handles.

Bicycle Crunch

Get on the floor in crunch position. Instead of doing a normal crunch, however, bring your knees forward at opposite times as you crunch. Your legs should work as if you’re riding your bike while you do your crunches to help strengthen your stomach muscles.

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