Avoiding Winter Weight Gain Over The Fall And Winter Months

Winter weight gain can creep up on us during the fall and winter months.  A combination of all of the tempting foods of the holidays and the comfort foods that we all love so much make this an easy accomplishment.  However, it is not something that any of us want to happen, so what can we do to prevent this winter weight gain?

Be purposeful now.  Don’t allow yourself to get in the midst of the winter and then decide to be careful about what you are eating.  Start the fall and winter season out the right way by watching what you eat.  Choose to make dishes that are a lighter fare instead of the heavy choices that will pack on the pounds.  Bypass the creamy soup recipes and choose more broth based options to keep the calories and the winter weight gain at bay.

Take dishes to dinners and parties that are good for your diet.  Maybe you can choose to make a fruit salad instead of a dessert that will sabotage your diet.

Move your focus when getting together with friends from the food to enjoying your time together.

Watch those warm drinks.  Yes, we all love our cups brimming with warm, delicious comfort but consume carefully.  These beverages can easily pack hundreds of calories.  You can still indulge but do so with lighter options.

Don’t skip your workouts.  I admit it is tempting to skip working out when it is dark outside so many more hours of the day and you are so busy wrapping up details for a fall festival or even your Christmas shopping but your workouts are your friends.  Make them a priority.  Put them on your calendar and don’t allow anything to bump them off.  Not only will they help you to prevent winter weight gain but they will help you feel more energetic to get more accomplished.

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