Avoid The Holiday Weight Gain That Gets You Every Year

Holiday weight gain is so difficult to avoid.  Everywhere you turn there are treats just teasing you, from the homemade fudge your next door neighbors send over every year to the pie your grandmother is so famous for, they are impossible to avoid.  But you don’t want to pack on another five pounds of holiday weight gain like you did last year.  You just now lost those and don’t want a repeat of that.  The good news is you don’t have to deal with that.  You can go into this years holiday season with a new strategy.

The first strategy to avoid holiday weight gain is to practice portion control.  You don’t have to miss out on every treat that you love.  What fun would that be?  You can still indulge in all of your favorites if you are careful to do so in moderation.  Split a piece of pie with your husband.  Try a piece of fudge and then take the rest to work and share it.  Just be sure that what you are indulging in is something you love.  Don’t have a candy bar if you know that you will be having your favorite cake later that night.  Save those calories up for the best treat.

That being said, try to aim for lower calorie options when it isn’t something you absolutely have to have.  If you have had that favorite treat then don’t allow yourself to eat chips and dip when there are fresh veggies close by.  Unless it is that special treat you cannot make yourself give up, go for the lower calorie options.

Don’t drink your calories.  We consume so many calories around the holidays with Egg nog, hot cocoa and the sodas that are at every party.  All of those calories may taste good  but they won’t fill you up.  Stick to sipping water and shave those liquid calories off.

With these little tricks up your sleeve you will come through the holidays without holiday weight gain.


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