Avoid Food Binges When You’re on a Diet


We talk about your diet and your healthy eating habits regularly, but what we don’t talk much about is how to avoid those annoying binges. You know the ones; the subtle things that happen during the day that lead you to kill your diet for the rest of the day. What are they? How do you avoid them? When do they appear and how do you know that you’re about to be tempted into ruining your diet? Here are three things that tend to cause women to binge on a regular basis.

Television Munching

Do not – ever – munch in front of the television. It’s the best way to binge. You might not think you’re binging, but you are. You might not even binge on the good stuff (think ice cream or brownies). You might just binge on too much of one thing that’s not too bad for you, but it’s also not great for you. For example, if you sit in the front of the television to eat dinner, you’re more likely to get a second helping or make a bigger serving. Sit at the table; it helps.

No Breakfast

So you feel much thinner when you skip breakfast. Get over it, because skipping breakfast means you’re going to ruin your diet the rest of the day. You’re going to think, “Hey, I haven’t had any calories today, so I’m going to have that cheese Danish at Starbucks.” Then you’re going to eat McDonald’s for lunch. Then you’re going to think it won’t hurt to go ahead and make a day of your binging by eating something just as unhealthy for dinner.

Your Partner

One of the worst diet killers in the world is a partner not on the same eating schedule as you. If your husband or wife is not concerned with his or her weight and isn’t eating healthy, you’re more likely to binge. Make it a point to ask your partner to keep binges out of the house or at least be mindful of your diet needs.

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