5 Must Have Workout Songs for Your iPod

Swimsuit season is just around the corner – unless, of course, it has already arrived, like it has for so many women around the country – and that means it is time to get your body bikini ready. Actually, you are quite the procrastinator if you are waiting until now to get your body bikini ready, but nevertheless, there’s no time like the present. Since you are probably like most women, and you view working out with as much enthusiasm as cleaning the bathrooms, you better get yourself motivated. Fortunately for you, there is no easier way to get motivated to work out than with music. Music that pumps you up and gets your heart racing will make you more excited to work out – you can even try it the next time you clean the bathrooms. Load your iPod with these workout songs and get to moving.

Hey Ya by Outkast

This is one of those classic tunes that has everyone in the room stopping what they’re doing and going, “This is my JAM!” Nothing makes exercising more fun that this song.

Stronger by Kelly Clarkson

A newer song, this is one you know you sing at the top of your lungs in the car when no one is looking. It pumps you up, makes you feel powerful and brings out your inner girl power. Download it and get going.

Baby Got Back by Sir Mix A Lot

This requires no explanation.

Girlfriend by Avril Lavigne

The cheerleader song is how this one is often referred. Even if she’s not your favorite, and this song makes you want to plug your ears, it will still inspire you to work harder at your workout. Even if you’re only working harder so you can finish your run in time to shut off your iPod before it plays.


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