15 “Going to The Gym” Problems that Only Women Face


Being a woman that goes to the gym comes with it a myriad of issues all on its own. I mean, we all know you have to make time for good health and fitness, but sometimes Netflix, a good book and a glass of wine are calling your name so loudly you don’t want to get up. And other times you have a difficult time at the gym for reasons completely unrelated to you. As someone who is a work out in my home gym kind of girl, I don’t have to deal with these issues. I like my privacy when I work out and it’s because I prefer the quiet, serene feeling of being at home. I also like to exercise at home because it saves me a great deal of time not driving to the gym when I have so little time available to me as it is. But women who work out will understand that going to the gym is something that looks a little different for men and women. In fact, women at the gym can totally relate to a few things that men might not always be able to relate to. Read on to find out what we mean.

Getting Messy in the AM

There’s nothing worse than wanting to get in a good early morning workout but not wanting to get all disgusting and sweating first thing in the morning. It’s tough because you do want to look good for work but it’s impossible to do that when you work out.

Forgetting the Sports Bra

It never fails that you will forget to pack this at least once in your lifetime and it’s going to make you crazy. Do you risk going bra-free during your workout and just avoiding the treadmill or do you wear your regular bra and suffer the sweat and disgust?

Booked Classes

You want to take that awesome new yoga class, but it’s constantly booked and you find that you have no choice but to schedule your life around class schedules at the gym so you can be the first to sign up so you stop missing out on classes.

Forgetting to Charge your iPod

That one time you are so ready to work out and you just want your music and you realize you forgot to charge your iPhone/iPad is the worst. For some reason, it’s just not that much fun to workout without your motivational music.

Dressing for Work

If you work out in the morning and have to dress for work at the gym, it can be a bit of a distraction. Do you take the time to bust out the flat iron and all things related or do you just hope for the best and rely on your makeup and a lot of deodorant to handle the issue?

Being Hit On

Women who work out are always being hit on at the gym. Men and even other women are just so attracted to someone who cares about her good health. And it’s just one of those things in which you should be flattered, but you’re just annoyed.

Lockers that Aren’t Working

Of course, lockers always work when you have your belongings in your hand. They seem not to work when you have things to get out of them. It’s like some sort of Murphy’s law or something that this is going to happen.

Grabbing a Towel too Small in the Shower

You are running late, you have to shower and you grab a towel. It’s only when you go to use the towel you realize that you grabbed a hand towel or something equally small that is never, ever going to cover your bits and pieces. And now you’re just mad.

People Using the Machine Right Next to You When there are 20 Others Elsewhere

There is nothing more annoying the people who don’t get the etiquette at the gym. The general rule of thumb is that you don’t use the machine next to someone unless you literally have no other choice. And for the love of goodness, please don’t talk to other people.

People Pressuring you to Hurry

When someone is standing in front of you watching you and watching their watch at the same time, it’s like they’re pressuring you to hurry up. Like you’re a bad person for wanting to get in that 20 minute run because they took too long getting there and now have to wait.

Men Think You’re there for Them

Oh yes. There are some men who join the gym only because they think that women join the gym for them. They are like trolls creeping around looking for a woman on which to cuddle up next to and exchange numbers. Just go away already.

Forgetting to Get Rid of the Makeup and Breaking Out

Every woman with good skin knows you cannot work out with your makeup on and end up with it all sweaty and gross and clogging your pores. But once you’re going to forget to take it off when you get there after a long day at work and your face is going to break out like crazy.

Your Hair Tie Decides to Snap Right Now

You have one hair tie (your cat probably hoarded and hid the others) and you go to put it in your long, lush hair only to have it snap and die right then and there. Worst. Feeling. Ever.

Competing with the Woman Next to You

She has no idea that you’re seeing how fast she’s going, or how much of an incline she’s using or whatever it is she’s doing, but you’re trying to outdo her. Or maybe she is perfectly aware of your competition with yourself and she’s making you work entirely too hard just for her own sick pleasure.

Being Told to Use Smaller Weights

Some of us aren’t interested in being overly muscular and cut, we just want to be firm and tight. But some women are very into bodybuilding and that’s fine. But they hate when someone tries to tell them that they need to lift smaller weights assuming they can’t do it because they’re a ‘girl’. No, no.

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