Say Goodbye to Childhood Laziness by Motivating Your Kids

One of the biggest concerns many parents have regarding their children is simple laziness. With laziness comes a myriad of issues; a lack of creativity, a lack of imagination, and health problems such as obesity. It’s easy for kids to become lazy these days. With iPads and iPods and iPhones and video games and 794847 television channels to choose from, they don’t want to get up and actually (gasp) go outside. Don’t get me wrong; my girls know how to work the iPad better than we do, but the only games they can have are educational games. Additionally, they’re only allowed to use it when it’s raining outside and we can’t go play. However, even with all that, it’s still challenging to make sure kids are active so that they stay fit.

Motivate Your Kids

All it takes is one hour of activity per day to virtually eliminate the chance of obesity in childhood. This means you need to get your kids motivated. Make it a household rule that your kids do something fun and active for one hour a day. Take them to the park. Send them outside to play and don’t let them back in the house until that hour is up. Or, sign them up for a sports team.

Make it a Family Affair

If you want to eliminate laziness in your kids’ lives, eliminate laziness in your own life. Get together as a family and be active. Go for a bike ride. Take the kids outside and spend an hour in the pool playing a game of pool volleyball or having races to see who can swim across the length of the pool the fastest. These activities make exercise seem like fun, not like exercise.

Eat Healthy

It’s not going to matter if your kids are active if you aren’t feeding them well. Get rid of the soda, say goodbye to candy, and start making healthy snacks and meals. Your kids will probably hate it at first, but they’ll feel, look, and live a lot healthier once they start eating watermelon for dessert instead of cookies.


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