Tricks To Get You In And Out Of The Pediatrician’s Office Quickly

No parent wants to spend their day waiting in the pediatrician’s office to get through their child’s appointment.  It is hard to entertain your child, you likely need to get back to work or on with your day and who wants to be exposed to all those germs?  It turns out there are several things you can do to get you in and out of the pediatrician’s office quickly.

As much as possible, avoid Monday morning appointments and appointments the day after holidays.  Of course if your child is sick, you are going to be one of those parents that need to squeeze in those crazy appointments.  But if it is a normal routine appointment, avoid those days.

Go for the first appointment of the day or the first appointment after lunch time.  You wait time will be much shorter because the doctor isn’t running behind and they will be fresh for your child.

It also helps if you have all your business things in order when you arrive at the doctor.  If the staff has to take time to verify your insurance because you don’t have your insurance card with you, guess what, your wait just doubled.  Be sure that you have your insurance card, your child’s social security number and other important information as well as your co-pay check ready.  This can help to speed the process along and get you in and out of the pediatrician’s office quickly.

Have any questions that you may have for the doctor prepared and written down so that you don’t forget them or have to spend time calling back to track down a nurse to answer your questions.  All of these little things really help get you on your way so you don’t spend the whole day at the pediatrician’s office.  Everyone will appreciate your efforts to be organized and on top of things.


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