Daily Exercise Is An Important Part Of What Children Need To Be Healthy

Daily exercise is an important part of what children need to be healthy.  It is also something they don’t get enough of.  In our fast paced world of technology that has expanded to market all of the latest devices for children to use, they are more entranced by what games they can play or using their iPods that they don’t want to do anything active.  There are ways to combat this and make sure that they get their daily exercise.

The first thing to do to make sure that they get their daily exercise is to make sure that they are seeing you exercise.  Are you setting a good example in front of them?  Just like it is important for them to see you read to encourage them to form a habit, it is important for them to see you exercise to encourage them to form that habit.

Being an active family is a great way to make sure they are getting needed daily exercise.  Make it a habit to go bike riding together, swimming or even walking together after dinner.  Do family yoga.  Whatever exercise appeals to you can be adapted and used to help your children get their daily exercise.

Encourage outdoor play.  If kids are running and playing, they are getting daily exercise.  Even if it isn’t what we would consider exercise because of how much fun is being had, if they are active and moving, it counts.

Organized sports can be a good source of daily exercise but isn’t for every child.  If your child has anxiety performing in front of others, this may not be the way for them to get their daily exercise.  For other children that enjoy this, it can be a great source for them to get daily exercise while enjoying time with friends.


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