Celebs Tweet, Urging You to #WearRed to Spread Awareness for Heart Disease

Today, February 7th, is officially National Wear Red Day. Don’t know what that means, or think red just isn’t the hue for you? Think again. National Wear Red Day is a day where women all over the nation wear red somewhere in their wardrobe to spread awareness of heart disease in women.

According to the site GoRedforWomen.org, it states: “National Wear Red Day® — the first Friday each February — is our special day to bring attention to this silent killer of women. We encourage everyone to wear red, raise their voices, know their cardiovascular risk and take action to live longer, healthier lives.”

Now in its 10th year, the movement for Go Red for Women is even stronger than ever! Many celebrities have tweeted their support in the past, urging their followers to #WearRed.

Here are 7 celebrities who support National Wear Red Day:

Rachael Ray
Celebrity chef Rachael Ray cares just as much about heart disease as she does about her favorite recipes. We’d have to say that that alone is, in the words of Ms. Ray herself, “delish!”

Mark Ballas
Dancing With the Stars fancy foot is reaping the scarlet hue for all the women in his life. Thanks Mark!

Vanessa Hudgens
The Gimme Shelter starlet is a advocate of women’s issues and will no doubt don her best red ensemble.

Savannah Guthrie
The Today Show hostess let the Twitterverse have a sneak peek at fellow host Matt Lauer working in some color with a snazzy red tie.

Chelsea Kane
The Baby Daddy sweetheart schooled her followers, letting them know that heart disease kills more than any cancer combined. Wow.

Paul Wall
The rapper best known for his mouth gear just might trade in his signature grill for a red wardrobe. We can’t wait to see!

Katie Couric
You can bet that host Katie Couric (who looks great in red!) will be donning a red dress to support the big day.

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