The Best Ways to Get Motivated for a Workout

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Getting your workout on is a great way to start off your day; after all, who doesn’t want to get toned in all the right places? However, it can get tough when you are first starting out (or, in my case, starting out again after a long hiatus) and/or when you’ve hit a bit of a plateau after working out for a while. We all need a good motivator at some point or another in order to workout, whether it’s found in a person or activity!

Here are the best ways to get motivated for a workout:

– Workout with a partner. Nothing is harder than trying to convince yourself to get out of bed after a long night of work or partying to go workout. I just recently started working out at the gym again after almost a year and while I used to be very independent in going to the gym early in the morning, this time around I’ve needed a helping hand and have leaned on my cousin who is my gym buddy now.

– Try a new workout routine. Tired of running on the treadmill or going on the Stair Master for cardio? Take a fun cardio class like Zumba or kickboxing to change up your routine to keep it fresh!

– Go outside and exercise there. Sick of being stuck inside a sweaty old gym? Take it outside! There are numerous local neighborhood parks that you can walk/jog/run around in.

– Change your workout time. If you’re more inclined to go early in the morning, change it up a few months after the time you started going to a gym. Trust us on this one!

– Work with a personal trainer. Talk about accountability – the trainer will help you accomplish your goals and at the same time will motivate you just enough!

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