25 Drunkest Cities In America

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People drink alcohol all over the world, but in the United States, there’s a special relationship with alcohol. I’m not sure if it’s because our drinking age is higher than many other countries or what, but it seems Americans love to drink. Not only do we love to drink, but we love to drink with the sole purpose of getting drunk. Cities all over the United States are topping off their cups and going to the drunk side. Some cities seem to be a little more plastered than others.

But the question is, who holds the title of the drunkest city? Boston, New York, maybe a college city in the South? There’s only one way for you to find out, and that’s to read on!

These are the 25 drunkest cities in America…

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Burlington, Vermont

This city likes to drink. Almost 20 percent of the popular binge drinks and around 8 percent of the popular will admit they are heavy drinkers. Adults like to drink and there are plenty of bars where they can indulge. This city is located on the edge of Lake Champlain so a person can sit outside, go fishing, and have a couple of drinks. This is one reason why the people in this area have been known for their drinking ways.

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Mankato, Minnesota

This city is composed of 50 percent males and that can be one reason why the drinking rate is so high. There is nothing much to do but have a couple of beers. If a man gets bored he will tend to have some drinks. There are no ladies to impress so a beer belly in no big deal in this area. This city is also home to Minnesota State University as well as Mankato and South Central College. In the middle of nowhere young people tend to get into trouble. There is not much to do but party and have some drinks. The party attitude of the college student seems to be rubbing off on the rest of the town.

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Eau Claire, Wisconsin

The ratio of citizens to bars is very high in this area. For every 10,000 people there are over 6 bars. This is the second highest ratio of any city in the United States. There is no shortage of alcohol and going to the bar for some drinks is common for many of the people who live here. This city is also home to the University of Wisconsin. There are also nine breweries in the area. Once again, since there is not much going on in Wisconsin many turn to drinking as a way to stay entertained. They also found out about this karaoke bar that has a High Kick Leggins Room, which is a private room that you can enjoy.

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Ames, Iowa

In this town adults are more likely to engage in excessive drinking. This town is home to 8 breweries as well and there is no shortage of beer. This town is also the home to the Iowa University School of Science and Technology. With college students comes the increase of drinking.

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Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin

This town has a number of educated people who like to drink. They can show the younger crowd how to really funnel a beer. This is another lake town where a person can sit out on the docks, throw out their fishing reel, and have a couple of drinks while they are doing so. The people in this town also like to have parties on the waterfront. This is a classier way to get drunk.

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Fargo, North Dakota

It does snow a lot of Fargo and it seems there is nothing to do but sit back and have a drink. When there are several feet of snow outside and a person is stuck indoors for a long period of time they may as well have a couple of drinks. Alcohol is even said to keep the body warm which can be another reason why these people drink so much. There are also 12 breweries in this city. Since Fargo is a city in the middle of nowhere so getting drunk is something to keep the people entertained.

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Iowa City, Iowa

Rich people in this town like to drink. People that earn $75,000 or more a year are more likely to binge drink. This can be due to the stress in their jobs or the price of alcohol from living in the city. There is no shortage of bars, even classy bars, and almost 24 percent of the population drinks excessively. The adult popular admits to binge drinking on a regular basis. Even professionals sometimes over due it when it comes to drinking.

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Lincoln, Nebraska

In this town adults like to drink. There is not much going on in Nebraska so drinking is a way to provide entertainment. When there is nothing but corn around a person has to find a way to entertain themselves. Farm parties are a popular way to keep busy. People drop the tailgate on their truck and have some drinks. After looking at corn fields all day many people like to go to the bar and have a couple of drinks.

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Milwaukee, Wisconsin

This city is home to some of the oldest as well as the largest breweries in the country. Many people have grown up with drinking and are honored to have the oldest brewery in their own. Drinking beer is part of the culture in this town. With access to these breweries it is no wonder why the adults in this city drink heavily. People also come to tour the breweries and have some drinks.

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Janesville, Wisconsin

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Cleveland , Ohio

There are several colleges/universities in this city which can lead to the higher drinking rate. This is one of the most populated cities in Ohio and it seems here people like to drink. There are a number of bars in the city making access to alcohol easy.

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St. Louis, Missouri

St. Louis is a big city and has a large popular in this state. The Creole culture in this town is big on drinking and a person grows up on alcohol. That can be one of the reason why people drink so much.

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Las Vegas, Nevada

With all of the action in Sin City it is natural people would come here to drink. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas and they can be one of the reasons why people drink so much. People like to indulge when they are on vacation and Vegas is one of the best places to do so. Casinos offer free drinks to gamblers are well and who is going to protest free alcohol.

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La Crosse, Wisconsin

This city has around 7 bars to every 10,000 residents. This makes it the highest rate of bars to popular than any other city in the United States. More than a quarter of the adult popular admits to drinking excessively. It does not hurt that just about every block has a bar with some great specials.

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Reno, Nevada

This is another big city where the tourists come to play and behave badly. That is one reason why there is so much drinking. With the casinos and the free spirit of the people who stop by to visit this city has plenty of bars and alcohol. There are some things that are legal here that add to the party atmosphere and people seem to think that it is okay to drink.

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Providence , Rhode Island

This is a surprising one. When people think of Rhode Island they think of the rich and people who have professional jobs. Well after work these professionals like to sit down and have a couple of drinks. Many of the residents do have high-powered jobs that can be rather stressful. That can be one of the reasons as to why people in this city drink so much and are one of the drunkest cities in the country.

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Washington, D.C

While this may be the nation’s capital it is still a city. With the city life comes plenty of bars and night entertainment. There are bars for both the poor and the rich politicians in this town. Many people come to visit Washington as a tourist destination and people tend to have more drinks than they should while on vacation.

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Chicago, Illinois

This is a major city. There are casinos located in this area which are responsible for some of the drinking. There is the ghetto which has high rates of drinking and drug use. Even the nice part of Chicago has plenty of bars. With all of these bars it is easy to keep the population drunk most of the time.

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New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans is home to some great drinking events. Marti Gras gives people a reason to drink. If they are not drunk during this event than something is wrong. There is plenty of night entertainment and bars to keep both locals and tourist well liquored up. This is a party city and with the party comes lots of drinking. If the population is not drunk then something is wrong.

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Fairbanks, Arkansas

This metro area has one of the highest drinking rates in the country. It is much higher than state average. This can be due to the availability of bars and other establishments. People can purchase alcohol is gas stations, grocery stores ,and even in Walmart. A person will not have to go out of their way to get a drink.

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Watertown, New York

This city surpassed New York City for the highest drinking rates and as one of the drunkest cities in the country. This area has the highest drinking rate in the state of New York. Alcohol abuse is not uncommon here. In addition to drinking, residents are more likely to smoke and have some of the highest smoking rates in the country. Drinking and smoking do go well together and there is plenty of both going on.

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Madison, Wisconsin

Wisconsin is back at the top of the list with another city that has a number of drinks. Around 25 percent of the popular binge drinks on a regular basis. This city is home to 18 microbreweries. It also has the 8th biggest party school in the entire country. The University of Wisconsin, Madison is a huge party school and that lead to the ranking of this town.

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Green Bay, Wisconsin

This town is home to a number of things. It is the home of the NFL team the Green Bay Packers. Fans come out every week to show support to their team and enjoy some heavy drinking as part of the game. The city is also the home of six microbreweries. Being drunk is a source of pride to this town. Adult’s brag about how much they can drink. One in four adults is a binge drinker. Not only do people in this town like to drink, they drink excessively.

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Oshkosh Neenah, Wisconsin

The clothing brand for children Oshkosh B’gosh comes from this town. Many people would think it would be family friendly but this town is full of drunks. There are 13 breweries and a number of bars. Many people go out with drinking excessively as their goal. The breweries provide plenty of entertainment and plenty to drink. This one of the highest concentrations of breweries per population in the country.

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Appletown, Wisconsin

This town is considered to be the drunkest in all of the country. For every 10,000 residents there are over 4 bars and this city has the 9th highest concentration of bars in the nation. This city has 11 microbreweries. There is not a shortage of places to drink here and there is enough alcohol to keep the population drunks for years to come. Between the amount of bars and the number of breweries there is no wonder why this is the drunkest city in the country.
These are the drunkest cities in the United States. While every city should be known for something being known as a city with a high population of drunks may not be the best thing. For many that does not matter. Their city is famous for something and many people who are drunk end up having a good time.

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