Two Skinny Cocktail Recipes For the Entire Year

Let’s face it; some days just call for a cocktail. Other days also call for a cocktail. All right, every day is one for a cocktail, in my opinion. A glass of wine before bed is my favorite, but sometimes I just want a cocktail that tastes a little different and has a little more kick. Depending on your mood, and even on the time of year, you might consider different cocktails; I know I do. For example, one of my favorite summer cocktails is a mimosa. Anytime I’m traveling I like to start my day with a cup of coffee followed by one of these delicious drinks. But during the fall and winter there’s nothing better than a cocktail that is dark, flavorful, and has a hint of cinnamon. Here are a couple of my favorite cocktail recipes.

Skinny Mimosa

With only 120 calories this is one of my favorite vacation beverages. I like to mix two ounces of light orange juice (I like mine without pulp, but everyone has different tastes) with four ounces of extra dry champagne. It’s the best for mimosas, which is what I always tell those who prefer a different type of champagne. Pour your drink into a champagne flute, garnish it with a strawberry and enjoy.

Fall Cider

The fall cider is a great drink for the holiday season or any type of cold weather. In a pan, heat four ounces of cider enough to warm it up. You don’t want it too hot to drink, just warm enough to enjoy. Pour it into your favorite mug, add an ounce of spiced rum and an ounce of light coconut milk. Garnish it with a couple of cinnamon sticks and you will find yourself warming up from the outside in, in no time at all.


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