Signature Cocktail Recipes For Cinco de Mayo Celebration

With Cinco de Mayo fast approaching, many people are putting the final touches on their holiday parties. This year, Cinco de Mayo falls on a Saturday, which means that many people are free to party well into the night. If you are planning on hosting a party to celebrate the fifth day of May, you should consider creating a signature cocktail that will leave your guests talking about your blowout bash for the rest of the year. Sure, margaritas and sangria are delicious, but Cinco de Mayo hostesses everywhere are serving these libations at their gatherings. Make your party one for the books with one of these simple and budget-friendly signature cocktail recipes for Cinco de Mayo.

Moon Safari

Add two ounces each of fresh pineapple juice and Blanco tequila into a highball glass to create the moon safari. Throw in a half ounce of fresh lime juice, mix and garnish with a few sprigs of tarragon to add the finishing touch to this fabulous cocktail. The tequila makes the Moon Safari appropriate for a Mexican-inspired celebration while still creating a one of a kind signature cocktail you can serve guests.

Mexican Coffee

If you are hosting a Cinco de Mayo bash that lasts throughout the day, start your guests off with a signature cocktails that will have them pumped up and ready for some warm weather fun in the sun. A Mexican coffee is a great way to start the day; start by brewing a pot of your favorite blend. Pour one cup of coffee into a clear glass mug, add a third a cup of vanilla ice cream, melted, and mix in a half ounce each of tequila and kahlua. This caffeinated, alcoholic, frozen treat will leave your guests wanting nothing more than a second cup.

Cinco de Mayo is a day for fun, friends and fabulous cocktails. As the hostess, it is your job to plan a party that will have everyone counting down the days until the next party you host; and these signature cocktails will help you do exactly that. With signature cocktails this delicious, guests won’t be able to have only one; make sure you take up a collection of car keys or provide a designated driver for your party-goers.


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