10 Uses For Leftover Halloween Candy

Trick or treat? It’s Halloween, kids dress up and hit the streets collecting as much candy as they can carry and then some. Once they arrive home and have devoured enough to make Willy Wonka blush, what happens to the loot? Lord knows the kids don’t need it and throwing it away just seems like a waste, but the likely option none-the-less.

We never like to see anything go to waste, so here are 10 suggestions how to make use of your new found candy stockpile.

1. Candy Infused Vodka. Okay, so this one is for you, not the kiddos, but we deserve to get something out of the trick-or-treating experience.  Learn to make candy infused vodkacandy corn martinis and more.

2. Freeze it.  Candy can be frozen for up to one year and used for bribes (oops, I mean treats) down the road.

3. Donate it to the PTA or Church. There are always activities, parties or projects necessitating treats.

4. Take it to work. The reception candy dish will welcome your Halloween donations.

5. Bake with it. Do I need to say more than Peanut Butter Cup Cheesecake or Sweet Tarts Milkshake.

6. Trade with a Dentist.  Dentists around the country are fighting back against Halloween Tooth Decay. Some are offering to purchase candy from kids for $1 per pound, while others are trading for items such as ice cream coupons and toothbrushes.

7. Teach a science lesson. From sparking wintergreen lifesavers to Mentos fountains many science lessons can be taught with candy.

8. Donate to a charity. Organizations such as the Ronald McDonald House and soup kitchens will accept donations of wrapped candy to be given to families enduring hard times.

9. Make a care package. Groups such as Operation Gratitude and Operation Shoebox will accept candy for inclusion in their care packages to the troops. Another option is to work with your kids to create your own care package including the candy.

10. Goody bags and Gifts.  What child doesn’t like to get a goodie bag at the end of a birthday party?  Put your Halloween treats to use and share the wealth in goodie bags or party pinatas.  Or, for holiday gifts fill  a mug with a few sweet treats for a quick teachers gift.

If you have other suggestions on what or how leftover candy can be used, please share in the comments below.

Image: Fashionably Bombed


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