You Can Save Money If You Learn How to Knit

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These days, it seems like everything can be given to you… for a price. There are a lot of things that require just a tiny bit of work to do, but instead many people will choose the easy – and more expensive – way. When you’re pinching pennies here and there and learning how to be frugal, it helps to know how to do certain things. For example, many people eat out a lot because they don’t have time to cook and they like the taste. For those on a budget, you would probably want to know how to cook in order not to shell out cash every single time your tummy growls. Another great skill to have: knowing how to knit! From socks and scarves to doilies and blankets, knitting is an amazing skill to possess. It may not be the easiest or simplest thing to do, but it sure is worth it!

Here are some basics to know when learning how to knit:

– Make a yarn ball. Even though yarn already comes in a package, it isn’t the most learning-friendly way. You need to make a yarn ball in order for your convenience.

– Make a slip knot. To do this, make a loop with the end of the yarn. Place the loop on the top of the yarn to the side of the loop. Pick yarn through the loop. Pull the knot tight, but be sure to keep the loop above it loose. Slip the new loop onto a knitting needle. Pull the ends to tighten up the knot.

– Casting on. In your right hand, hold the needle with the slipknot. Drape the working yarn, which is the yarn attached to the yarn ball, behind your left hand and over the palm. Pull palm from the yarn and there should be a loop formed around your knitting needle. Pull loop tight by pulling on the working yarn. Repeat the process until you cast as many stitches as you like.

– Knitting stitches. In your left hand, hold the needle that has stitches and in your right hand, hold the needle with no stitches. Insert the needle that has no stitches under the front of the first loop. Push through so that the right needle sits right behind the left needle. Make sure that the working yarn  is in the back of your needles. Grab the working yarn attached to the yarn ball and wrap around the right needle counterclockwise. Look between your two needles for for two holes. Then, poke the right needle through to the left hole to the front of the left needle. With the new stitch around, pull off the old stitch. Repeat the stitch until you’ve knitted each and every stitch on the first needle. Switch your needles – and knit every row and keep switching those needles.

– Casting off. First off, knit two stitches Insert left needle into the first stitch on the needle on the right. Lift first stitch over the second one. Pull out the left needle but leave combined stitch on the right needle. Knight another one and repeat the process. Slip the needle out of last loop. Cut the yarn, but leave about a 6 inch end. Put cut end through loop and pull it tight.

Additionally, here’s a helpful video to teach you how to knit:

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