How to Write a Solid Cover Letter

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With so many people without jobs these days, jobs are coveted things! Whether you have been looking for a job for a while now or you just want to buff up a resume and get your search on to have options, it’s important to also have a cover letter handy for each job you want to apply for. For most people, putting together a resume is an easy feat; but when it comes to the cover letter, many people are clueless about how to write a solid cover letter. Never fear – we’ve got the tips!

Here are the steps in writing a solid cover letter:

1. Make it personal. Many people tend to start their letter by addressing it to “To Whom It May Concern” or “Dear Sir or Madam,” which is very impersonal. Take the extra step and utilize resources such as the website of the company you’re applying to or even LinkedIn to find out who to address your letter to. If need be, pick up the phone and call their offices for the name. They may not give it to you, but they just might – you never know!

2. State the job you want. It’s important to note at the beginning of your letter what the exact position it is you are applying for. Some companies will toss out your applications if they don’t know which position you want to be in the running for, especially for a company who is hiring for several positions simultaneously.

3. Tell them why you picked them. Many people start off listing reasons why they are the right candidate for the job, but telling them why you picked them is a nice touch. It’s important for the company feel special. Tell them what it is about them that made you choose them – pick an emotional attachment.

4. …Then tell them why they should pick you. In the job description, there should be qualifications and requirements listed. Pick 3 aspects from the job description that you can give examples for.

5. Stress how much you want it. To end your cover letter, show your passion for the position/job/company. Replace certain words with even stronger words, like turning “like” to “love.” Show how much you want the job and that you’re pretty much willing to do anything for the position.

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