How to Successfully Pack a Carry On Bag

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When it comes to traveling by plane, many of us have no qualms about it – that is, until it comes time for us to get to packing! Packing for a trip can be pretty nerve-wracking, which is why many of us leave it to the last possible second we can. We don’t want to forget anything, but the things that we need most with us are things we tend to use till the last second anyway. Check-in luggage is usually an easier feat than packing your carry on because there are less restrictions on what we can or can’t bring onboard. Also, when you carefully pack a carry on bag, that usually means that you are not checking any bags in and that you need to maximize your carry on space to fit everything you need in it while complying with regulations.

Here are some tips on how to successfully pack a carry on bag:

– First, pick out the outfit you will be wearing onto the plane. Make sure that you wear your bulkiest and heaviest items and not pack it to save on room and weight.

– Taking into consideration of the weather where you are going, think about what you wear when you are home (read: your favorite outfits). Put them in your bag. Now think about what you wear with your outfits: shoes, accessories – anything that you will want to wear. Put those also into your bag.

– Now take out everything and lay them out to see them all again. Chances are, these are probably way too many things and looking them over once more will help you make some cuts. Sort the pile into three categories: need to bring, might wear, and most likely will not wear. Don’t forget underwear also!

– You’re going to layer your bag into three layers. The first one (the bottom one) you will place shoes and other bulky items; fill in spaces with smaller items like underwear. The second layer is for larger clothing, which should be folded up.  The third layer (the top) should be anything you need to have easiest access to, including your medications and  liquids in a quart-sized bag and makeup.

– It’s only after all of this that if you have room, you may add one or two items from the “maybe” pile, just in case!

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