Five Steps to Drawing Great Bubble Letters

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Remember when you were a kid in grammar school and experimented with different writing styles? Bubble letters were probably one of those styles, as they were popular especially in making posters of different sorts. Whether you drew your name in bubble letters to hang outside your bedroom door or drew bubble letters to highlight the title of your big science project, there’s no escaping those funky, street art-esque bubble letters. You may have forgotten how exactly to do it, but for the mothers out there, you just might find yourself needing to help your child in drawing them!

Here are five steps to drawing great bubble letters:

1. Draw your letter(s) out in pencil. Draw in pencil very lightly, as you will be going back and erasing your construction lines.

2. Now exchange those straight lines of the letters for bubbles. Go back and draw bubble shapes where the straight lines are.

3. Take a black marker or darker colored pencil and pick out the lines you want to trace over using your black marker. For instance, in this case, you’d want just the outer edge. Inside, you want to accentuate those curves a little bit.

4. After you’ve gone over all of the letters with the black marker, take an eraser and erase the construction lines. It should be fairly easy for you to do, especially if you used your pencil lightly.

5. When you’re through with erasing the construction lines, you can go back in with a pencil and lightly shade in the letters to make them look even more bubbly.

Looking for visual instruction? Here’s a helpful video to show you exactly how to draw bubble letters:

Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images


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