Five DIY Tips for an Immaculate Bathroom

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Forget spring cleaning – fall is just around the corner, and with the seasons changing and routines going back into place with a new school year in full swing, it’s time to get to work! One way to get back into routine is for us to get to cleaning: cleaning out closets, desks, and yes, even bathrooms. While the bathroom isn’t the most fun place to clean, it needs to be done. Luckily there are some great DIY tips to get that sparkling clean bathroom you’ve always wanted. Not only will the place look gorgeous, it will also help you stay hygienic and healthy!

Here are five DIY tips for an immaculate bathroom:

1. Sanitize your sink. While we all know that your kitchen sink has more bacteria than your toilet bowl, the bathroom sink isn’t that much cleaner. Disinfect it completely by cleaning with a simple soap and water first. Then spray a mist of vinegar and then a mist of hydrogen peroxide separately – don’t mix together – and then let air dry.

2. Deep-clean your shower head. Think about it: the source of your water and cleanliness is located right above your head and is often not cleaned enough. Deep clean that baby easily by pouring white vinegar into a sturdy gallon-sized plastic bag – it should be big enough to submerge the whole shower head. Secure it with a rubber band and allow it to soak ideally overnight. Later, remove the bag and rinse by running the shower.

3. Use Tang for the toilet. Sure, you used to drink that orange powdered drink when you were a kid, but that same mix can also work wonders for your toilet bowl! Simply drop a teaspoon of Tang mix in the bowl. It should work because the citric acid acts like a scrubber, getting your toilet bowl all clean and nice-smelling. The best thing about it: it’s non-toxic!

4. Make your shower shine! Begin by making a paste using baking soda and distilled white vinegar and rub it all over the shower door. Allow the paste to sit for  good hour or so and then wipe it clean using a microfiber cloth. Then rinse it with water and then dry with another clean and dry microfiber cloth.

5. Clear out drains with these handy tips. Drains get the brunt of everything: all the grime, dirt, water and everything in between go in there, so you want to clean it very well so it won’t get clogged. Do this by pouring a half coup of baking soda down the drain. Follow the baking soda with a half cup of vinegar. Cover the drain with a wet cloth and wait for about five minutes. Uncover the drain and flush it out with steaming, hot water.

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