Five Different Duct Tape Crafts To Make From Home

There’s nothing quite like spending time at home indoors during the hot summer months. When the temperature is nearly hitting in the triple digits, it’s a good idea to stay inside where it is nice and air conditioned. After all, everything you need in form of entertainment is there and often inexpensive. There are many DIY crafts you could do in the comfort of your home. One such craft idea is making duct tape crafts! Before you knock it, there are a number of things you could do with duct tape when it comes to being crafty.

Here are five different duct tape crafts you can make at home:

1. Key Wristlet

You’ll need just duct tape and a key ring. Measure out about 12 inches (or longer if desired) of duct tape. Without cutting, fold over and measure out another 12 inches; fold over on the sticky side of the first 12 inches of tape – overlap the two sides. You should now have one 12-inch long strip with none of the sticky part showing. Loop the duct tape, placing the two edges through the key ring. Wrap around and secure with a strand of tape.

2. Candles

You’ll need cheap pillar candles, metallic (gold and silver) duct tape and scissors. Start by removing the plastic off all of the candles, since you’ll be taping unto the bare candle. Place your candle on a flat surface, take the duct tape and start taping from the top of the candle. To get it wrap around, you’ll have to pull it slightly downward. When reaching the bottom, make sure there is excess tape hanging from the bottom and then cut the tape. Fold the excess tape inward to cover some of the base. There you have it! You can stop or keeping going, alternative the gold and silver colors.

3. Bracelet Bangles

For this you need duct tape and sharp scissors. Cut one strip of duct tape, about eight inches – depending on who is going to wear it, you could choose to go smaller or bigger. Fold the edge at about 3/8 of an inch. Press from the middle and out to avoid bubbles. Continue folding the long edge up, then bring the two ends together with the seam inside. Wrap it with a half-inch piece of duct tape.

4. Drawer Organizer

For this you will need cereal or pasta boxes, fun-colored duct tape, scissors, scotch tape and the ruler. Cut the boxes in the depth of the drawer. Organize so the boxes fit the way you want it to. Scotch tape the boxes together and put duct tape over the boxes to give it a remarkable adventure. Lastly… organize!

5. Bath Accessories

Using fun, decorative duct tape, trim the strips of the tape so they are 1 inch wide. Round the edges, adhere them to each container.

Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images


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