The Easiest DIY Nail Polish Rack For Under $10


Many of us own more nail polish bottles than we’d like to admit – and that’s perfectly fine! After all, your nail polish moods as well as the seasons and the trends often dictate what we buy, leaving us with a lot of little polish bottle on our hands… literally! While there are those who get their nails done professionally at a nail salon, many of us opt to purchase our own polish and do our nails at home to either save some money or because we don’t have the time to sit in a salon for an hour or so getting pampered. After all, one day, you might want to wear a black polish and the next, maybe a baby pink. That’s the beauty of having your own nail polish in your possession: the ability to change it up whenever  you like, as often as you’d like.  We usually envy the nail salons, with their perfectly placed and organized polish racks. Most of the time, we have our polishes in a drawer or laying around everywhere! Unfortunately, many of those neat nail polish racks tend to cost a lot more than they should – so why not make it yourself?!

There are a number of ways to store your nail polish: in a glass bowl or jar, on a bookshelf, on a jewelry hanger, in see-through containers and/or in a tiered glass candy jar. But many people prefer to have them all on a rack, much like the ones at the salons. Instead of spending a chunk of cash on an already made nail polish rack, you can definitely make your own – and it only costs under $10 and if super easy.  All you need is an oversize cutlery tray, some wire hangers, wire cutters, and some spray paint. Cut off the bottom part of the wire hangers with the wire cutters to get a straight stick of wire. Place the wires through the bottom third of each shelf of the rack. Spray paint the whole rack, including the wires. Let it dry and then it should be ready to go! It’s easy, simple, and only costs less than $10 – not too shabby!

Here’s a helpful video to help in building that DIY nail polish rack:

(Photo Source: YouTube)


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