3 Easy DIY Wall Art Ideas to Spruce Up Your Home


Decorating your house, apartment, condo, or even just a single room can often be an exciting assignment – after all, it allows you to bring out your creative side and put some personality into your space. However, it can often be intimidating to fill up even the smallest of spaces, which can feel pretty big when it comes to having to fill up the space with something other than pristine white paint. It can also get quite expensive to fill that space when you try to find the appropriate works of art to go on your walls. If you’re on a budget and/or don’t want to spend too much money on decorating your home, your best bet is too really hone your creative side and make it yourself.

Here are three easy DIY wall art ideas to spruce up your home:

Light Bright Installation

With the holidays coming up swiftly, you’ll want to start on this project as soon as possible! All you need for this are a stretched canvas, paint, brushes, newspapers to protect your floor, a pencil, an awl,  white twinkle tree lights and craft  glue. You’ll want to start by painting a stretch canvas, which you can get at any art supply store or Canvas Retailer. Then figure out and plan your design penciling dots in the back. Gently, press an awl through each dot and make sure it is slightly smaller than the diameter of each bulb. Lastly, press a bulb into each hole and secure with craft glue.

Sunburst Mirror

You probably already have in your possession a round mirror, but if you don’t, you’ll want to purchase an inexpensive round mirror to start on this. All you need – other than the mirror – are a bunch of kabob skewers (which you can purchase at any grocery store), a hot glue gun, a piece of wire and some spray paint color of your choice. Glue the kabob sticks onto the back of the mirror, starting with the ones for North, South, East and West, and from there you can add the kabob sticks to the mirror in slightly varying lengths, as you would see for the rays of the sun. After you finish gluing all of the sticks, place a doubled up piece of wire to the back in order to hang it on the wall when you are done. Lastly, spray paint the sticks and mirror frame with your choice of spray paint. Let dry for a few hours until the paint is completely dry and hang up when ready.

Instagram Photo

Have you ever looked at your photos or your friends’ photos on Instagram and thought, “That would look really great hanging up in (insert room name here)”? You can now make it a reality by going to your local Walgreens or Costco (or any place that has photo developing) and have them blow them up and print out your photo(s) onto a canvas. It makes for a very personal and super easy piece of wall art!

(Photo Source: Blueprint/PopSugar)


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