A Simple Way Verizon Users Can Get Two Free Gigs of Data

Verizon Thanksgetting offer

A Verizon Wireless user for the past 14 years, I can say that I love my service; and that free data always seems like a nice option. While I use my WiFi most of the time at home, but it’s amazing how fast your data goes when your kids are using the iPads and one of your year-and-a-half old twins loves to climb up on furniture and flip the switch the turns the WiFi on and off – and likes it in the off position most of the time. Right now, Verizon Wireless is offering all customers the chance to get two free gigs of data – one for this billing cycle and one for the billing cycle after – and it’s free. The catch is that you have to do this on or before November 24 or you will not receive the deal.

To take advantage of the Verizon Thanksgetting promotion, just follow the link and do what it says. It is going to ask you to log in to your Verizon account to take advantage of this offer, and you will then follow the instructions and be rewarded with additional data for the next two billing cycles. If you have ever gone over your data allowance, you know it’s expensive. We went over two gigs last month and we were charged an additional $30 on our monthly statement.

You have until November 24 to take advantage of this, so time is running out fast.


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