Amazon Halloween Costume and Apparel Coupon


In the past I haven’t shopped Amazon for anything other than books.  But when our laptop charger went kaput Amazon came to the rescue.  We found a new Dell charger, not an offbrand universal one, for less than the universal ones were locally.  Now, after finding this deal on Halloween costumes, the tides may be turning on my Amazon shopping.

On Amazon, the regular prices for Halloween costumes are good and in many cases lower than say, Target, Walmart or Costume shops.  But they can get even better.  Sign up to receive emails from Amazon’s Clothing and Accessories Store and receive 20% off eligible items apparel items, which includes Halloween costumes.  The only catch is that they must be sold directly by, not a sellers store.

While you’re saving on the kids costumes, make sure to add in a few things for yourself.  The coupon is for 20% apparel purchases up to $1000.  Since most of us would never spend up that high in one transaction you’ll have plenty of cap room to find a new fall sweater for yourself.


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