10 Ways to Train for Track and Field-Throwing


Here are 10 ways to train for Track and Field as a thrower. The idea is to get that explosive power that you need in the ring.

Box Jumps


Remember I mentioned explosive power? The more force you can generate, the higher you can jump, and as a result, your legs will power you through the throw.



Throwing requires a lot of coordination, muscle, and speed. Sprints can help develop the latter, thereby helping build a great deal of force in a short amount of time.

Wall Sits


If you’ve ever done these then you know how much it makes your thighs burn. Thankfully, it also strengthens them, which is what you need.

Interval Training


Training just one or two muscle groups as a thrower is not a good idea. Sure, you’ll be strong in a couple of ways, but it takes more than one muscle group to add inches to your throw.



Sometimes you need to focus on using your own body weight. Plus, it’s a great way to bolster your more intense workouts since it pushes you while keeping it lighter.



Several leg exercises will help you to gain the leg strength you need to explode across the ring. Squats are a great way to build a strong foundation, as well as that quick, explosive thrust.

Leg Press


Adding to the squats, the leg press can help build up that explosive push you’ll need when in the ring. It’s smart to alternate your workout days and work with less weight for reps and heavier weights for power.

Standing Long Jump


Whether you spin in the ring or do the glide, your legs are your base, and you need them strong. A standing long jump will help to further develop that explosive power you need.

Bench Press


While being a thrower means building your legs, it doesn’t pay to neglect your upper body. From your chest to your shoulders and downward, you need every bit of strength you can get.

Clean and Jerk


This helps to build your strength, develop that explosive power, and develop that needed coordination. After all, throwing isn’t just one simple movement, it’s a compilation of many movements that are combined into one smooth, liquid process designed to get the greatest result.


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