10 of The Worst Mistakes to Make While Rock Climbing

10 of the worst mistakes to make while rock climbing could mean the difference between life and death, so pay attention. Make certain you pay attention so that you can enjoy this thrilling pastime.

Newbies don’t always breathe correctly


This is a natural process that we don’t always think about since it comes automatically for most from birth. But in a challenging activity such as climbing, how you breathe will make a huge difference and will affect how you perform.

Don’t just look up


Missing the forest for the trees is a common saying, but it does apply to many situations. Climbers need to look around for handholds, and different routes if necessary, and always need to keep an eye on their surroundings.

Straighten your arms


Too many people think that bent arms mean more strength and a more durable grip. Unfortunately, bending your arms too much while climbing can exhaust your muscles and promote failure at some point. Straighten your arms and distribute your weight, and don’t forget your legs are there to use too.

Always check your knots


It does come across as kind of a nagging voice in your head to check your knots, make sure everything is secure, and blah, blah, blah. But making sure everything is rigged correctly is better than that gut-churning moment when you realize something is slipping because of carelessness.

Always pay attention to your surroundings


This can’t be stressed enough when climbing since you need to know where you’re climbing, what conditions you’re climbing in, and what kind of dangers are around. It’s not a reason to get paranoid, but it does help to know what you could face, even if you don’t.

Wear a helmet


It’s not just about falling rocks. You know that thing you’re climbing is made of rock too, right? A hard knock from that surface can do major damage.

Don’t put the rope over your shoulder before the first clip


Seriously, stay away from this irritating trend. If there’s no tension in the system then pulling it up should be simple. Do it the right way and ignore what people think looks cool.

Avoid standing on the back of your shoes

Sure, rock-climbing shoes aren’t the most comfortable, but they’re designed a certain way for your safety. You might want some help choosing climbing shoes first if this becomes an issue.

Overloading yourself isn’t wise


This is kind of amusing to watch, even if it is rather dangerous. Make sure you’re carrying what you need, not everything you want. You’re climbing, not setting up a vertical banquet.

Communicate, communicate, communicate


Do I need to say it a few more times? When climbing you need to make sure that you communicate everything you’re doing in a timely fashion so that it’s easy to understand.


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