15 of The Most Obscure Sports in The World


How many people can name 15 of the most obscure sports in the world? It’s tough to think that some of these exist.



Yes, this is an actual sport, not to mention that it’s a martial art. As one of the more obscure sports, it’s pretty straightforward.

Cheese Rolling


How many stranger things can you think of than this? This sport involves rolling a cheese wheel, around 6 to 8 pounds, down a hill. Contestants race after the cheese, and the one who crosses the finish line wins it.



This isn’t one of the most obscure sports since it’s been celebrated for years after being introduced in the Harry Potter series. But seeing it as anything other than a good time among like-minded individuals is kind of tough.

Sepak Takraw


It’s like a combination of soccer and volleyball, simply put. But instead of using a regular ball, they use one made of rattan.

Dog Surfing


Yeah, this sport is just what it sounds like. Dogs are taught to ride bodyboards or surfboards and are judged on their confidence and the ride duration.


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This gives the term ‘carrying someone’ literal meaning since out of all the obscure sports out there, this is one of those that might make a person’s eyes widen. A husband has to carry their wife past one obstacle or another in as little time as possible.

Cycle Ball


Imagine football played with bikes and no brakes, that’s a fair estimation of this sport. Two riders at a time, for each team, attempt to move the ball toward the opposite goal. Yeah, that’s it.

Shovel Racing


It’s not tough to figure out. A person sits on a shovel facing the handle and leans back to get going. Mind you keep your feet up since that quick stop isn’t a great way to hit the brakes.



It sounds funky, doesn’t it? But this sport, which originated in Germany, involves competitors engaging in tricks that have to end with them sitting on a stool.

Underwater Hockey


Played in a swimming pool and using a hockey stick, players push a puck across the pool’s bottom toward a goal. That sounds simple, right? It’s also called Octopush.



Players have to be within a clear acrylic orb as they roll downhill. Several countries have taken to embracing this sport, which is just a little odd when you watch it.

Chess Boxing


Imagine boxing with your opponent and then sitting down to play a round of chess with them. Hopefully, a person doesn’t take too many hits to the head before each round of chess.

Toe Wrestling


Some say this is similar to arm wrestling, but unless your toes are limber enough, yeah, probably not. Still, the concept is there since you need to pin each other’s toes.

Giant Pumpkin Kayaking


It feels like there might be a strict size and weight limit for this sport. Not only that, but it’s easy to see how smart it is to pick the right pumpkin.

Extreme Ironing


There are easier ways to iron your clothing, but apparently, someone wanted to get a little extreme. One has to wonder though, is the iron hot while competing?


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