25 Best NFL Quarterbacks of The Past 25 Years

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Listing the 25 best NFL quarterbacks of the past 25 years is subjective, especially when talking about one’s favorite team. But stats aren’t everything.

Tom Brady

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Is he retired? Is he coming back? Hopefully, those questions are finally put to rest, but when talking about NFL quarterbacks his name is going to come up for a long time to come as the GOAT.

Patrick Mahomes

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Is the Chiefs QB the next GOAT? It’s still hard to say, but it’s tough to argue with Super Bowl wins.

Ben Roethlisberger

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The Steelers’ dominance is legendary, among many other teams. But Big Ben’s role in this, substantial as it is, was kind of fraught with controversy at times.

Aaron Rodgers

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Sure, he’s lauded as an intelligent QB, and for good reason. But thinking that he’s going to keep going without walking off into the sunset when it’s time feels kind of odd.

Brett Favre

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He WAS the answer in Green Bay for a while. Some still feel that it would have been better if he’d retired as a Packer. It’s tough to agree with, but there’s a kernel of truth there.

Drew Brees

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Not many cities love their QB more than New Orleans loved this guy. He was reliable more often than not, and he was the type of guy who loved his fans.

Peyton Manning

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It almost feels like he came close to stepping out on a low note. But Manning’s career is still noteworthy in the past two and a half decades.

Philip Rivers


Like him or not, Rivers has had a great run in the NFL. Why he’s so maligned is kind of a personal thing with many people.

Matt Ryan

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Atlanta had a powerful team at one point. But during that snafu with the Patriots once upon a Super Bowl…well, yeah.

Tony Romo

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It’s a funny thing with the Cowboys. A QB is either memorable or forgettable. Somehow Romo became memorable, but maybe not for his greatest triumphs.

Dak Prescott

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The feeling appears to be that this is Dak’s year, and so is next year, and any year that fans want to claim. He’s a great QB, he made it to the NFL, but he falls down the list quite often for a few reasons.

Russell Wilson

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Seattle is constantly looking for a hero at this position and Wilson was the guy when the time was right. The Emerald City kind of has to take their moments when they find them with QBs.

Kirk Cousins

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It’s interesting how this man has managed to accrue so many fans and just as many detractors. He’s a solid QB, but somehow there are a lot of people, even in Minnesota, who said otherwise.

Cam Newton

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The fall of a QB is rough. Cam was on top and set to cap a killer season, but he literally fumbled at the wrong moment.

Geno Smith

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He’s been a surprise in recent years but has proven that he’s solid enough when he needs to be. Who knows what will come next?

Jay Cutler

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The popularity of NFL quarterbacks rises and falls with each game. Cutler had his heyday, but it passed quickly.

Marcus Mariota

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The expectations put on rookie QBs are immense to be fair. But Mariota did slug it out for a while and isn’t the worst on the list.

Brock Purdy

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Some men step up and some crumble. The role of a QB isn’t one for the lighthearted.

Jimmy Garappolo

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Jimmy G was supposed to be the next big thing, for a little while, after Brady stepped away from the Patriots. But once injuries started to become an issue it wasn’t hard to see what would happen. He’s still a solid QB though.

Matthew Stafford

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If you can call a QB a working man on the field, Stafford fits that bill quite easily. As the workhorse of his team, he was amazing to watch.

Kyler Murray


He’s insanely fun to watch, especially when he hits the gas and has to scramble. Sure, he’s not the best, but he’s definitely worth noting.

Derek Carr

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Even Raiders fans should be able to admit that he was one of the best parts of the past decade. Hopefully, the Saints can do something with him, right?

Jameis Winston

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Switching teams doesn’t mean much unless one switches and rides the pine. But Winston is someone who can be depended on.

Andy Dalton

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Honestly, Dalton doesn’t get enough love put on his name since he’s been as solid as possible. True, he’s not putting up the same numbers as some of the greats, but he’s someone who will work his butt off.

Nick Foles

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There’s a certain Super Bowl against the dominant Patriots that helps to put a little more respect on this man’s name. Hey, the Patriots were a tough team.


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